Dami and Falian 360 VR video - Premiered at VIFF Immersed 2019
Spatial Sound Design: Mana Saei
Director: Edward Madojemu

Moon Catcher 2D animation
Sound Design and Foley: Mana Saei
Director: Marcia Moulding

The Room game - A short game in memory of my father
Game Design and Audio: Mana Saei

Incognito Mode 2D animation - An educational video
Music and Audio: Mana Saei
Video edit: Michella Wong 
Director: Ruth Beer

Unceded Chiefs VR video - Premiered at VIWFF 2020
Spatial Sound Design: Mana Saei
Director: Doreen Manuel

Shell short film - Premiered at VIWFF 2020
Record, Sound Design and Dialogue Edit: Mana Saei
Director: Ferdos Vakilian

The House of Bernarda Alba written by Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca
Theater Sound Design: Mana Saei
Director: Toufan Mehrdadian

Fall VR video - Binaural audio
Ambisonic Field Record and Design: Mana Saei

Sonic Memory - Iran
Sound Design and Photography: Mana Saei

Wild Empathy Project
Podcast Production: Mana Saei
Project Lead: Julie Andreyev