Welcome to Mana Saei’s space.

Mana Saei is an Iranian-Canadian New Media Artist and XR Creator based in Vancouver, BC. She studied New Media and Sound Arts at Emily Carr University, and received her XR Development certificate from University of British Columbia. Mana holds a degree in science as well. Her practice focuses on creating interactive and immersive audiovisual installations in 3D spaces. Currently she is exploring the intersection of immersive installations and well-being. Since 2017 she has created installations such as Arisa (Virtual and physical immersive installations to promote well-being), Iran (AR installation about the liberation movement in Iran), Father (interactive light installation about mental health after loss), Fall (VR video installation with binaural sound about climate change), The Room (digital installation about the concept of loss), Forest (sonic painting about wildlife), Solitude (interactive audiovisual installation about the age of Covid), and etc. Her award winning project, The Lockdown, is an interactive audiovisual installation in a 3D virtual exhibition about the lockdown days in Iran and Canada. Mana has collaborated in other award winning projects such as Wild Empathy (exhibited at Science World), Dami and Falian VR animation video (premiered at VIFF Immersed 2019), Unceded Chiefs VR project (premiered at VIWFF 2020), and etc. She also composes music and designs audio for games, videos and festivals.



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