One of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals is to promote mental health and wellbeing by 2030, and I want to take action as an XR creator and artist to assist with this goal. Arisa helps achieve and sustain a state of good mental health by mindfulness practices, such as mindful listening and observation, for everyone. We are living in this unprecedented era dealing with the pandemic, war, injustice, discrimination, financial issues, evolving technology, social media and many other difficulties and changes around the world that can make us anxious or depressed. I believe that this is the time to take action and take advantage of my skill and knowledge for humanity. “In 2020, the global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by an estimated 25 per cent, with young people and women most affected.” (United Nations) Today taking time for mental health should be taken seriously as global development depends on that. Mentally healthy people can be creative, learn, make meaningful contributions to their communities, work productively, realize their full potential, cope with difficult times, develop and grow in both personal and social lives. The World Health Organization acknowledges, “there can be no health or sustainable development without mental health.” Arisa helps the sustainable development by an equitable, accessible and potentially green wellness application for people to improve their mental health.


Here is a short walkthrough of the prototype (VR version):

Creator (3D modeling, XR development, Sound and Music): Mana Saei