360 spatial audio design for VR

Dami and Falian 360 VR video premiered at VIFF Immersed 2019. You can watch the 2D version of this video here.

Director : Edward Madojemu

Spatial Sound Design : Mana Saei


Sound design for animation

This 2D animation is the grad film of one of the fourth year Animation students at Emily Carr University. 

The sound was meant to evoke an imaginary and magical space.

Director : Marcia Moulding

Sound Design and Foley : Mana Saei




Game design and game audio

This 3D game is created in Unity and the sound is made in Wwise. The Room is a game which represents a small room with some old stuff in it. There is an old record player in the room with six old songs on it. If the player gets close to the record player, they can hear one of those old songs randomly each time. If they step back, they can not hear the music anymore.

Download the game for Windows (616 MB):

Game Design and Audio : Mana Saei

Sound and music for 2D animation

This is an educational video created by Emily Carr University students. 

The biggest challenge in this project was to deal with bunch of different voice recordings, that were not recorded in an ideal acoustic environment.

Director : Ruth Beer

Sound and Music : Mana Saei

360 spatial audio design

Unceded Chiefs traces the historic activism of BC First Nations Leaders who, in the late 1960’s, united to reject Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s proposed 1969 White Paper. 

This short film was on display through VR headsets at VIWFF 2020. Sound is recorded in Ambisonic B format and converted into Binaural.  So people could listen to the spatial sound through two channel headphones.

Director : Doreen Manuel

Spatial Sound Design : Mana Saei

Record, sound design and dialogue edit

The short film, Shell, is directed by a fourth year film student at Emily Carr University. Production for this project took three days. Sound post production took three days as well. You can watch some of the selected scenes here.
Director : Ferdos Vakilian
Sound Design, Dialogue Edit, Sound Record and Boom Operation : Mana Saei

360 audio and video

For Fall project sound is recorded in Ambisonic B format and converted into Binaural.  So people could listen to the spatial sound through two channel headphones. The video is 360 6k.

Video and Audio : Mana Saei

Theater sound design

This is a short trial of The House of Bernarda Alba written by Federico García Lorca.

In this scene, audiences could feel and hear a chaotic atmosphere and sounds coming from everywhere in the theater. To create the sound of this scene, the voices were recorded in the studio. At the show, the actress was silent and sounds could be heard from speakers in the hall panning around.

The show was on for a week at Firehall Arts Centre on June 2019.

Director : Toufan Mehrdadian

Sound Design : Mana Saei

Sonic memories

This project is done on March 2018 in Iran.

The video was on screen at ECUAD Foundation Show 2018. Home is about personal memories of the artist from “Home”. “Home” here defines as family, hometown, family house, culture, language, traditions, etc. In this project the artist intended to evoke “Home” and its memories by photographs and sounds in the form of a video. 

Photographs and Audio : Mana Saei




This is one of early works of Mana. The podcast is created by Mana Saei for Wild Empathy project.

Each team member was supposed to be interviewed by Mana in a live studio. Some of team members were out of town so those interviews got done online and via Skype, which is challenging in terms of noise cancelling. 

Creating video trailers, video editing and website design

Digital + Creative Knowledge Sharing , a series of virtual presentations and workshops on data management.

Creation of video trailers for the Instagram page dedicated to this project, editing recorded Zoom webinars, and website design by Mana Saei.